Ebook Hacking Collection 2008

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Hakin9 Collection 2008 | PDF | 11×84 pages | 127MB
Best hackers magazines
  • Axence nVision 3.2 Professional
  • Sniffing SSL/TLS Connections Through Fake Certificate Injection
  • Rogue Binaries – How to Own Software
  • Wireless Vulnerabilities and Cracking with the Aircrack Suite
  • Remote and Local File Inclusion Explained
  • Blind Attack Against the “Path-MTU Discovery” Mechanism
  • Secure Dual-Master Database Replication with MySQL
  • Writing IPS Rules – Part 3
  • We help you to choose the best Anti-spyware
  • Eugene Kaspersky – a Living Legend of IT Security
  • Self Exposure by Dr. Gary McGraw

VoIP Abuse

  • Programming with Libpcap – Sniffing the network from our own application
  • Reverse Engineering Binaries
  • The Justification For Authentication and Encryption
  • Writing IPS Rules – Part 4
  • Consumers Test – We help you choose the most reliable firewall
  • Interview: Kurt Seifried – Linux Security Expert
  • Self Exposure by Ben Lynn and Anton Grashion
  • One Time Password – New Dimensions in Security
  • Storming SIP Security
  • Alternate Data Streams or “Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” move to NTFS

LDAP Cracking

  • Pentest Labs Using LiveCDs
  • Best Practices for Secure Shell
  • Cracking LDAP Salted SHA Hashes
  • Javascript Obfuscation Techniques
  • Breaking in Add-on Malwares
  • Vulnerabilities Due to Type Conversion of Integers
  • Authentication and Encryption Techniques
  • Consumers Test – We Help You Choose the Most Reliable Anti Virus Program
  • Interview with Marcus J. Ranum
  • Self Exposure by Richard Bejtlich and Harlan Carvey

File Inclusion Attacks

  • File Inclusion Attacks
  • Hacking RSS Feeds: Insecurities in Implementing RSS Feeds
  • Alternate Data Streams or “Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” Move to NTFS (Part II)
  • All in Memory Execution under Linux
  • The Real Dangers of Wireless Networks
  • How to Deploy Robustness Testing
  • Protecting Data in a Postgres Database
  • Global Thermonuclear War – Shall We Play a Game?
  • Consumers Test – Choose the Right Router
  • Interview with Nicolaas Vlok
  • Self Exposure by Mike Chan and Bing Liu

Kernel hacking

  • Threats are in the Air!
  • VoIPER
  • Kernel Hacking & Anti-forensics: Evading MemoryAnalysis
  • Exploitation and Defense of Flash Applications
  • Advanced SPA with fwknop
  • Auditing Rich Internet Applications – Testing RIA Strategically
  • Vulnerabilities due to Type Conversion of Integers
  • Cybercrime from Technologically Emergent Countries: Are These States a Significant Threat?
  • Consumers test – Choose the Data Recovery
  • Interview with Michael Scheidell

Haking WiFi

  • Client-side Exploits
  • Registry Analysis
  • Simple WiFi Hacking with Eee Pc
  • SQL Injection in Action
  • Auditing Oracle in a Production Environment
  • PKCS Potion Number Twelve
  • Virtualization and Security
  • Javascript Obfuscation Part 1
  • Hacking Movie Fallacies and Home User Infections
  • Consumers test – Virtual machines – an integral part of your security toolkit
  • Dr. Vladimir Golubev – expert in cybercrime field
  • ISO 27001: The North American Approach
  • To activate TurboDemo 6.5 Standard version, please go to this URL page : www.balesio.com/TDS-promotion.php

Hacking Instant Messenger

  • FREE ISSUE: Hacking Instant Messenger
  • The Art of Black Packaging
  • Keylogger 2.0
  • Defeating AntiVirus Software
  • Hacking IM Encryption Flaws
  • HTTP Tunnel
  • Agent-based Traffic Generation
  • Javascript Obfuscation Part 2
  • Emerging Threats Episode 14
  • Training – the Security Minefield
  • Interview with Rishi Narang
  • Self exposure with…
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